$100 for $1200 off All-Laser Lasik for both eyes!


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At Blue Laser Group, we have an early holiday gift for you this year!

Of course I’m referring to our Holiday Groupon offer.

Click here to claim your Groupon – $100 for $1200 off All-Laser Lasik at Blue Laser Group.

Do you have funds left in your flex plan or medical spending account at work? Combine those tax-free dollars with the Groupon offer for MEGA savings on your All-Laser Lasik procedure with Dr. Blue!

Questions about the Groupon? Review the FAQ below, call us at 888-237-2583 or click here to schedule online.

Take advantage of this early holiday gift for yourself or someone you love!

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Can I use insurance with my Groupon?
LASIK is an elective procedure that is NOT covered by insurance. We offer an insurance discount, but discounts cannot be combined with the Groupon, which is typical of many Groupons. If you’re looking for the most savings, the Groupon will give you a much larger savings than the insurance discount will.

Can I use my flex spending account with the Groupon?
Yes, you can use your flex spending account with the Groupon.

Can I combine the Groupon with any other discount?
The Groupon cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount offered by Blue Laser Group. You’re welcome to use another promotion, but the Groupon will get you the best prices we currently offer.

Can the remaining balance of LASIK be financed?
Yes! Affordable financing is available. The application process is easy, and we can help you apply during your free consultation. For specific information about our financing options, call (888)-237-2583.

Can I use two Groupons, one per eye or one on two separate visits?
We will only accept one Groupon per patient. That being said, you’re welcome to buy a second Groupon for a friend or family member needing LASIK.

If I am not a candidate (or for whatever reason I decide) I don’t want LASIK, can I get a refund?
All refunds are handled through Groupon, but you must call their customer service line at (877) 788-7858, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I only need LASIK for one eye. Can I still use the Groupon?
The Groupon is valid for bilateral LASIK only. If you’d still like to take advantage of this special offer, we recommend you buy the Groupon and come in for a free consultation. If a consultation shows you only need LASIK in one eye, we will give you a discount of $650, $600 off the cost of the procedure and a $50 credit toward the cost of your Groupon.

I previously had a consultation and received a quote for LASIK. Can I still buy the Groupon and will the discount be off the price I was quoted?
If you have not had your LASIK yet, we’re happy to accept the Groupon. It is important to remember that the price you were quoted may have included a discount or promotion, so the $1,200 discount would come off the pre-discount price, which should still save you some money. Our consultations and quotes usually only last a couple months, as your vision needs and our technology may change. Depending on when you had your consultation, you will need to call us at (888)-237-2583 to determine if you’ll need a new consultation.

Click to buy your Groupon now!

DISCLAIMER: All monies collected for the $100 purchase of this gift certificate for the Blue Laser Group bilateral lasik vision correction procedures are paid directly to Groupon. No portion of the surgery fee is paid to Groupon. There is no splitting of the fee(s) between Groupon and Blue Laser Group.