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Dr. Blue Performs LASIK On His Daughter

Hear from Dr. Blue's daughter, Mary Margaret, why she finally had LASIK done, and what it was like having her father perform the procedure.

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Dr. Blue With Christina Pullara
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Watch how the Kamra Corneal Inlay can restore your reading vision.

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Introducing The KAMRA Inlay Procedure

For people who want to enjoy life without the constant frustrations of reading glasses.

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Gentle Touch LASIK

Discover why we introduced the first FEMTO LDV Ziemer 8 laser to Georgia to take patient comfort and customization to new levels.

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When The Doctor Becomes The Patient

Dr. Blue’s quest for Gentle Touch LASIK began when he had the LASIK procedure himself. The day he became a patient is the day he became a better surgeon.

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Dr. Blue will be retiring on December 29th!
Happy Holidays and many, many thanks to our patients and community for over 30 great years!

Leading Eye Care Professionals

With our state-of-the-art laser vision correction you can have fully restored vision and a pain-free experience.

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Check out some of our customer testimonials and see for yourself why we’re top rated in the Southeast.

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Overview of services and care

We specialize in LASIK vision correction, glaucoma and dry eye treatments.

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Over 30 Years of Experience

Richard Blue, M.D. is not only Northeast Georgia’s most experienced LASIK surgeon, but also enjoys excellent vision from his own LASIK procedure.

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LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is the world's most common form of laser vision correction for good reason - it has proven results, phenomenal success rates and is almost completely pain-free. No one understands this better than Dr. Richard Blue, Georgia's premier LASIK surgeon. Proudly serving the communities of Athens, Gainesville and all of Georgia since 1991, Dr. Blue and the Blue Laser Group have performed more than 30,000 vision correction procedures and look forward to helping you see Georgia the way it should be seen through LASIK.

KAMRA Corneal Inlay

Blue Laser Group is proud to offer the KAMRA corneal inlay option for those who want to enjoy life without the hassle of glasses and contacts but are not - or don't want to be - candidates for LASIK. The KAMRA corneal inlay is an amazing piece of technology that improves vision both near and far. Contact us today to find out more about this revolutionary procedure and let Dr. Blue bring your world back into focus.


Age is not a factor when it comes to glaucoma, and more often than not you won't see it coming. That's why it's important to let Athens' leading glaucoma treatment specialist, Dr. Richard Blue, give you a comprehensive eye exam. Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in adults and can affect children too, so don't let your world go dark unexpectedly - contact us today and head off glaucoma at the pass.

Dry Eyes

Dry eye can cause all manner of eye issues, ranging from uncomfortable to dangerous. If you are experiencing redness, itchy eyes, a sandy or gritty sensation in the eyes, blurry vision or other symptoms, it's possible that you are suffering from dry eye. Fortunately, Blue Laser Group, Georgia's premier eye care provider, has years of experience in treating dry eye. Contact us today to learn more."

The gift of sight – A gift that can last more than one lifetime
Posted: Aug/22/2018

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