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Christine Henderson – LASIK Experience

Christine Henderson had LASIK at Blue Laser Group.  She describes her LASIK experience and reasons why she recommends Dr. Blue.

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Ryan Blue (Son of Dr. Richard Blue)

Dr. Blue recently performed LASIK on his son, Ryan. We were able to capture this special event on camera, speaking with Ryan and Dr. Blue before the procedure and during the 1-day follow-up appointment.

In preparation of Ryan’s Procedure

Ryan’s Postoperative Appointment and Results

Robert Greathouse

On choosing Dr. Blue:

“In choosing Dr. Blue, besides my friends’ experiences with him, he is probably the most experienced guy around.

“He’s been doing this over 20 years now, plus he’s a lasik patient himself.”

On the Lasik technology available at Blue Laser Group:

“The technology here at the office is state-of-the-art and beyond what you could ever imagine.”