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About Dr. Blue, Ophthalmologist, Athens, GA

BLG For SlideSince 1991 Dr. Richard Blue, of Blue Laser Group center for sight, has committed himself to the further development of refractive surgery techniques and procedures.

Dr. Blue has been honored as one of the top 5% of LASIK Doctors in the country and has been involved in nearly every aspect of eye care over the last 30 years offering innovative solutions to patients’ needs.

Prior to beginning his medical career, Dr. Blue served his country as a member of the search and rescue team in the United States Coast Guard. Following his service, Dr. Blue began advanced studies at the University of Memphis and earned his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences. After completing an internship in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Arkansas Health Science Center, he served a residency in Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School and the University of Texas. He later served as the Clinical Instructor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Texas. Dr. Blue is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist.

Dr. Blue specializes in refractive surgery, and has performed more than 30,000 vision correction procedures. Since 1991, he has been involved in nearly every aspect of refractive surgery. He has traveled extensively to learn the latest refractive surgery techniques, and teaches various refractive surgical methods including excimer laser and keratomileusis. Dr. Blue is also one of the 50 ophthalmologists in the United States who served as an investigator for the U.S. FDA C.R.S. study. This study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of LASIK, and gave final approval for the use of LASIK in the United States. He also introduced the SLT treatment laser for glaucoma to Northeast Georgia.

Dr. Blue was born in Miami, FL., and raised in Atlanta, GA and Memphis, TN. He is one of the millions of people who has experienced the benefit of better eyesight from the LASIK procedure. His patients include his wife and three children, all of whom have received gentle touch LASIK from him.

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The gift of sight – A gift that can last more than one lifetime
Posted: Aug/22/2018

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