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LASIK in Athens, GA

Laser Vision Correction (Gentle Touch LASIK)

With our state of the art laser vision correction you can have fully restored vision and a gentle touch experience. At Blue Laser Group, we bring a level of comfort to the LASIK procedure like no one else.

Corneal Inlay

KAMRA Corneal Inlay Procedure

Tired of those reading glasses? Our breakthrough KAMRA inlay procedure
restores the natural range of vision.

Eye Treatments

Advanced Treatment for Glaucoma and Dry Eyes

Are you tired of endless dry eyes? Unlike the typical treatment of using eye drops multiple times a day, we offer an in-office pain-free solution that may well prevent needing eye drops for either glaucoma or dry eyes.
Services include:
Glaucoma Dry Eyes

The gift of sight – A gift that can last more than one lifetime
Posted: Aug/22/2018

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