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Dr Blue with FEMTO LDV™ Z8 Laser


Announcing the Revolutionary FEMTO LDV™ Z8 Laser by Ziemer

We are pleased to announce that Blue Laser Group center for sight in Athens, GA has recently acquired the new, revolutionary FEMTO LDV ™ Z8 Laser by Ziemer. This remarkable advanced technology brings a new level of accuracy and speed to All-Laser LASIK  as well as treatment for presbyopia.

Blue Laser Group center for sight is the first practice in Georgia to pair the FEMTO LDV Z8 laser with the Allegretto EX500 laser for LASIK eye care. This allows us to provide an all-laser, truly custom vision correction experience for our patients.

Numerous Patient Benefits

Unlike other femtosecond lasers, the new proprietary FEMTO LDV Z8 uses extremely fast, short pulses of low range pulsed light, which allow for a faster creation of the corneal flap (the first step of the LASIK procedure) – within just 30 seconds. The laser allows us to take a Gentle Touch approach that reduces the stress on corneal tissue and produces less inflammation as a side effect of treatment. Best of all, patients can expect rapid healing with clearer vision in a shorter time frame.

In Dr. Blue’s experience, he believes that the FEMTO LDV Z8 is the technology of the future for LASIK eye care, enabling more patients than ever to achieve significant improvements in their vision.

How does the technology achieve such great results?

One of the unique features of the FEMTO LDV Z8 is the control it gives Dr. Blue to create a perfect corneal flap during LASIK eye care, the first step of the procedure. The laser allows Dr. Blue to customize the Gentle Touch LASIK treatment to the exact size, thickness and corneal depth for each patient. Paired with Dr. Blue’s decades of refractive eye care experience, this breakthrough laser platform helps patients achieve incredible results with minimal downtime and little or no discomfort.

“We are very happy to invest in this new technology for the benefit of our LASIK and presbyopia patients”, says Dr. Blue. “We are committed to always keeping ahead of new medical advances that take safety, accuracy and results to a new level of accomplishment.”

To schedule your free LASIK consultation and discover if Gentle Touch LASIK with the FEMTO LDV Z8 laser is right for you, simply complete the form to the right. Or call Blue Laser Group center for sight in Athens, GA – 888-237-2583.

The gift of sight – A gift that can last more than one lifetime
Posted: Aug/22/2018

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